Thursday, March 9, 2023

Tabby's Place at 20 - Throwback Thursday: Paulette

I was Paulette's Special Needs correspondent beginning in January 2014.  For that month, I wrote to her supporters:  "During a recent visit, she accepted both a treat of a little chicken baby food and a lot of petting.  ...[S]he was enjoying it so much that if I stopped even for a moment, she would nudge my hand with her nose as if to say, "Get back to work!"   But eventually she was satisfied... and lay down in contentment."

In September of the same year, her adopter wrote: “At first glance, she looks plain, scarred, afraid. She’s anything but, however. She’s strong, she’s smart, and has nearly the loveliest peach-colored hue under her chest and belly. When the sun hits her just right, she glows deep russet. Her doe eye looks at you and melts your heart straightaway."  More about Paulette and her adopter at the link below.

Paulette (arrived October 2011, adopted August 2014)

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