Thursday, September 7, 2023

Tabby's Place at 20 - Throwback Thursday: Jennifer Ann

(born 1998 - arrived Snowtober 2011 - died April 2014 


I posted this on 10/30/2013:  "But this is also a good day to feature Jennifer Ann, because she came to Tabby's Place exactly two years ago during the Snowtober storm. Her disposition then was as dark as the black nights caused by the accompanying power outage. 

"My first encounter with her came when I tried to make friends by giving her a treat of chicken baby food on a spoon. One moment, I was holding the spoon, the next, the spoon was clattering on the floor, and I was wondering how Jennifer Ann did that without me seeing her do it. It was sort of like a scene from an old-time Western when the good guy shoots the gun out of an outlaw's hand, the six-shooter skidding across the ground and the outlaw gaping at the man with the white hat and the lightning draw. 

"I could avoid Jennifer Ann's wrath by avoiding her room. But when she became seriously ill with kidney disease, she needed sub-cutaneous fluids, and the brave staff member who administered them gave her love at the same time. Little by little, Jennifer Ann began to respond to affection instead of rejecting it. 

"She might not have received this kind of attention in a standard shelter. But at Tabby's Place, she received the patient personal care she needed, even though she wasn't ready at first to accept it without a fight. And now, two years after her stormy arrival, Jennifer Ann is better in body and in spirit."